Jonathan Ho

Purpose. Passion.

Hello! 👋

I am a full-stack developer and aspiring Product Owner and Producer. I believe in making technology fun and accessible for all.

"Practice. Purpose. Passion." are the three words I choose to live my life by. I chose those three words because I believe everything in life should be done with a purpose, and I try to do everything I do with passion. Above all, practice is the process by which you improve at a skill. I always try to practice with purpose, and practice things I am passionate about. Everyday is practice for the game tomorrow. Can you tell I have a sports background?

As a Systems Design Engineer (’23), I endeavour to critically examine the big picture of what I am producing and ask myself “How can I design this better to improve the customer experience?” With my (current) goal to become a Technical Product Owner and Producer, I have bolstered my university studies with an economics minor to better understand the business aspects of product design and development with an emphasis on understanding and serving the end users/consumers.

Please do not hesitate to reach out:🤙😃
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